Elephant Back Safaris

Riding an African Elephant through the bush is an incredible experience and takes the idea of a photo safari to the next level. These giant mammals can weigh up to 6.4 tons (14 000 lbs) and are 3-4 meters (10 -13 ft.) tall. Many abandoned elephant calves are sold to zoos and circuses around the world and so at risk elephants are taken out of their natural environment and shipped off to foreign places under highly stressed circumstances. A decision was made to give orphan elephants a second chance by letting them remain in their natural environment. Since the orphaned baby elephants have to be raised by humans in order to survive, it is often too risky to let them go in the wild as they never learned how to live in the wild exclusively. By training these animals for human interaction, people get to learn about and experience the African Elephant in new ways and the elephants remain in their natural environment where they interact with other wild elephants on a daily basis. A win win situation for both man and elephant. Let Sofala Safaris arrange your Elephant Back Safari today!