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Sofala Safaris

Our distinctive tours travel to destinations unique for abundant and photogenic animals, birds and nature

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Accommodation & Food
Sofala Safaris provides the visitor with a traditional South African feel for living and dining. We want you to have a “local” experience of this part of Africa and provide delicious food, stylish and comfortable accommodation all at the same time.

Every meal is carefully prepared with some of the finest flavors and recipes that true South African cuisine has to offer. Along with various local beverages, selected South African wines are available with meals and include the famous wines of the Western Cape such as the unique “Pinotage”, and various other wonderful blends.

all-inclusive packages
Our all-inclusive packages are designed to help safari clients feel settled and at ease even when thousands of miles from home. We provide all accommodations, meals and transportation on hunting safaris so that hunters can spend their time and energy on the main reason they decided to come to Africa – the experience of pursuing trophy animals in the African bush.

In South Africa:

Louis Steenkamp
(Licensed Professional Hunter)
(Owner, Sofala Safaris)

Phone: 601 914 0330

In the USA:

Richard Wiman
(USA Agent)

Phone: 662 836 4493

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