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Rifle and Bow Hunting
Sofala Rifle Hunting
Sofala Bow Hunting
Current Package for Traditional Bow Hunters

$2700 Primitive Archer Package: 6 Day (7 night) package that includes an impala ram and warthog
This package includes: all transport to and from the airport and during the hunt, all accommodations, guide services, food and beverages and more. (See main page for more details on what packages consist of by viewing daily rates include/exclude under PACKAGES). Additional animals can be added via the Sofala Price List (see Sofala Price List on main page under PACKAGES) and paid for at the end of the hunt. Customized blinds for longbows and recurve bows where hunters can shoot sitting or standing with shots between 8 and 12 yards. Hunts only take place during the new moon phase and must be planned well in advance. This package is ideal for a first time African bow hunt.

Sofala Hunting Videos

Sofala Safaris provides hunting opportunities for rifle hunters, compound bow and traditional archers as well as blackpowder hunters. Bird hunters are also starting to take advantage of Sofala’s diverse wing shooting opportunities right here in Africa. More videos can be viewed on the Sofala Safaris YouTube channel. How do we manage to include all these different approaches to hunting? Years of experience and very detailed planning with enough hunting land available. For more info on your preferred hunting approach please contact me at: 601 914 0330 (USA number answered in South Africa) or

In South Africa:

Louis Steenkamp
(Licensed Professional Hunter)
(Owner, Sofala Safaris)

Phone: 601 914 0330

In the USA:

Richard Wiman
(USA Agent)

Phone: 662 836 4493

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