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Sofala Safaris

Our distinctive tours travel to destinations unique for abundant and photogenic animals, birds and nature

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Rifle Hunting

Rifle hunting at Sofala will test the skills of the hunter in many different ways. Sometimes stalking can take hours and requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. Other times you suddenly have to run and get ready for a quick shot.  You might be leopard crawling to stay out of sight and all of a sudden freeze for who knows how long not to give your presence away. There are also hunts where you may sit for a long time, or a very short time, and be ready to make that shot. The opportunities to rifle hunt are numerous and very exciting. We have amazing opportunities for hunters using BLACK POWDER GUNS  – make sure to contact us and discuss your options. Below a few videos and photos of recent hunts. 

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Compound and Traditional Bow Hunting

 At Sofala we accommodate traditional and compound bow hunters with great success. With years of experience we can help you to get set up for anything from buffalo to steenbok. Bow hunters enjoy the variety and abundance of animals they see each hunting session and with so many options available, hunters keep coming back year after year. Below a few videos and pictures of recent hunts.



In South Africa:

Louis Steenkamp
(Licensed Professional Hunter)
(Owner, Sofala Safaris)

Phone: 601 914 0330

In the USA:

Richard Wiman
(USA Agent)

Phone: 662 836 4493

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